tackling the challenges faced in the organ transplantation field.

SHARE+ is a passion-driven project that aims to transform the organ transplant system. With advanced optimization software and groundbreaking transportation devices, we are dedicated to saving lives and reducing waiting times. Our team's commitment to making a positive impact drives us to provide comprehensive support and ensure seamless integration for healthcare institutions. Together, we envision a future where organ transplantation becomes more efficient, accessible, and life-changing for patients in need.

We envision a future where organ transplantation becomes more efficient, accessible, and life-changing

Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and save lives through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and solutions in the organ transplantation field. We are committed to enhancing access to transplantation, reducing wait times, and fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals and stakeholders.


Our vision is to create a future where every patient in need of an organ or tissue transplant has timely access to safe, efficient, and successful transplantation procedures. We aspire to be at the forefront of advancements in the field, driving positive change and improving patient outcomes worldwide.


We prioritize compassion, integrity, and excellence in all aspects of our work. We uphold ethical practices, social responsibility, and a patient-centered approach, ensuring that our solutions align with the highest standards of quality and care.


Our company is driven by a shared commitment to addressing the shortcomings of the current organ transplant system. One of us, drawing from her experience at the Generalitat of Catalunya, recognized the deficiencies of the current system and envisioned improvements. The other, leveraging her software development expertise and personal encounters with patients, joined forces with Lidia to establish the company. Their combined insights and skills have pioneered the shaping and success of our organization.

Founded in 2023