Imagine waiting for someone to pass away so that you could have a chance to live.

It’s a sobering thought, but that’s the reality for patients on transplant waiting lists all over the world.

Every year, over 100,000 people worldwide die while waiting for an organ that never gets there. In fact, 10% of all patients entering the waiting list won't get one in time. To put it into perspective: every day, 17 lives are lost, and every 10 minutes, a new patient joins the wait.

If we were to tell you that an algorithm existed that could reduce these numbers to just 10 deaths per year, would you believe it? It would be a huge improvement, but… what if those individuals were your parents, your children, lifelong friends? Would that still be an acceptable number?

That's where SHARE+ comes in. Behind our startup is a young team that has firsthand experience with the resource limitations of the current, outdated system.

We have developed a new algorithm to optimize the transplantation process, from transport, to donor matching.

Our ultimate mission? To achieve a mortality rate of 0 and profoundly improve the quality of life for our loved ones.

That's precisely why we seek your assistance in creating a more inclusive and comprehensive healthcare system for everyone. Together, we’ll bring back smiles to people's faces, give hope to those who need it, and make the difference that could save a life.

Together, for life.

Together, for life.

we need your support

Our company is driven by a shared commitment to addressing the shortcomings of the current organ transplant system. One of us, drawing from her experience at the Generalitat of Catalunya, recognized the deficiencies of the current system and envisioned improvements. The other, leveraging her software development expertise and personal encounters with patients, joined forces with Lidia to establish the company. Their combined insights and skills have pioneered the shaping and success of our organization.

Founded in 2023